About me.

The face behind the mask

My name is Robbert Slijkhuis and you as you already know, play Mount&Blade.
I've been playing since the beta and have always been fascinated by what the modding community have been brewing up.
Like many others who get to know Mount&Blade, I also tried to modify the game.
My modding knowledge is still pretty basic and I haven't got the time to further learn and improve at the moment.
But I intend to change that when Mount&Blade 2:Bannerlord is released and want to get more involved into modding.
Which is one of the reasons why I created this website, hoping that it eventually evolves into a modding knowledge base.

Delzaros UI Mod

One day, after re-texturing some armours, I wanted to change something else in de game.
After surfing through some M&B wallpapers and screenshots I noticed I never saw an adjusted player/horse or other UI elements.
I then decided to give it a shot to change that and not much time later I found out which file to adjust.
My UI mod is merely a re skin, as I have no experience with UV mapping.
A few hours of gimp'ing later, the Knightly skin was finished.
Then I started on the Viking skin a few days later and I think I've spend a good 8 hours in it.
Changing and remodelling my idea until I got to the finished version.
After that the Neon skins, with a few recolours within a few hours.
And so the pack was formed.

Gutekfiutek's Polished Landscapes

After a long break playing other games, I started playing M&B again.
One of the first mods I wanted to add was Polished Landscapes, as it makes the game incredible beautiful.
Only to find it out of date and no idea whether its original creator, Gutekfiutek was still active.
I decided to fix some of issues people addressed so I could use it again.
Eventually when I did, I felt the need to share my adjusted module to the community.
So many people where sad it was outdated, and where unable to use it.
This turned out that I'm currently maintaining the mod, until Gutekfiutek returns.
By doing so I am actually in violation, for tampering with his mod.
However, if I ever get punished for it I will find it worthwhile.
I gave a pearl back to its community and thats good enough for me.
Gutekfiutek made an incredible mod, it would be a shame to leave it outdated.

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